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© Nordoff RobbinsSophie's story...
“Because of her terminal cancer Sophie wasn’t given the freedom that most 4-year olds are given. Music therapy gave Sophie something without any restrictions. She had the freedom to choose the instruments she wanted to play, she could sing the songs she wanted to sing and she could express whatever she was feeling through music. In other words, music gave her the choices she so desperately needed. Music made each precious day we had left with her worth living.” Sophie's Mum

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© Dean FardellJohn's story...
“It was unbearable watching my little boy stand alone in the playground. It was unbearable watching him try and join in but be shunned. Knowing he was the only one not being invited to birthday parties was devastating. Music therapy has given him his confidence, his ability to communicate, and a chance to develop his personality. Most of all it has given him a sense of belonging. I am now enjoying watching my little boy as he starts to make friends and takes part in the life he deserves to live.” John's Dad

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© Nordoff RobbinsJane's story...
“Dementia took my mum away long before she was ready to go and long before she had a chance to get to know her grandchildren. Dementia is so brutal, it takes away the person but leaves behind a body which does not remember and does not respond. Music therapy has been able to reach my mum in a way that nothing else has. In her sessions she comes alive and will often remember things we thought she had long forgotten. I miss my mum so much but because of her music therapy, every now and then, I get to see her again.”
Jane's daughter

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