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Nordoff Robbins is the only music therapy charity in the UK with a team specifically dedicated to music therapy research.

Music therapy is an interactive, varied and growing practice. It raises pressing questions such as what happens in music therapy and why? How is it viewed by the people who engage with it in different ways? What are the effects of music therapy seen to be?

Research has been intrinsic to Nordoff Robbins' music services ever since the founders of the approach, Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins, began their pioneering work. To this day, our work with clients and their families and carers, as well as previous research in music therapy and related fields, inform and direct our research projects. In addition to our research projects, we work with music therapists to carry out service evaluations of music therapy services provided by Nordoff Robbins, in collaboration with partner organisations. These service evaluations help ensure our services meet high standards of professional practice, and help ensure continuation of funding for our services.

In these ways we hope to contribute to our own practice as well as the wider music in health, music psychology and music sociology communities. Understanding and exploring music therapy demands knowledge of a huge range of disciplines and we are therefore keen to collaborate with groups and individuals working in related disciplines.