Claudia's Story

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I can't imagine a world without music therapy. For my daughter Claudia, music has brought her to life.

Claudia was born prematurely and totally silent. The special care unit diagnosed only a windpipe problem, but Claudia was in constant pain - she screamed all day, barely able to feed. She didn't reach any milestones; she couldn't babble or crawl, couldn't sit up until 16 months and couldn't walk until she was four. She had complete sensory overload, which was exhausting.

When a national study of developmental disorders finally diagnosed her with a very rare chromosomal disorder we were determined to get her the help she needed.
We knew that music calmed Claudia and my mother in law suggested I contact Nordoff Robbins. One of the most defining moments of our lives was our first visit there.

Without me needing to explain, the therapist Nick just opened the door showing Claudia a wonderful grand piano. She marched straight up to it and played several keys, which Nick mimicked on another piano. Claudia was completely mesmerised. I started crying, a huge weight lifted as I realised this is exactly what she needed; we had finally found something which would bring happiness for our little girl.

One year on Claudia plays, makes vocalisations and I can now communicate with her; she nods yes if I say 'let's go and see Nick' and shakes excitedly. She recently even attempted her first word! She has incredible rhythm too and now moves her body to music.

Through Nordoff Robbins, Claudia is living her life to the fullest; music has finally given her world some meaning.