Flynn's story

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Flynn has dystonic four-limb Cerebral Palsy. Born ten weeks prematurely he has significant physical and cognitive impairments meaning he can’t walk or sit up and uses a wheelchair. Flynn also has a sensitivity to certain noises and smells, and becomes very anxious or excited in certain situations.

A friend recommended Nordoff Robbins; Flynn had always responded well to music and we realised that music therapy could be perfect for him.

Our first visit to Nordoff Robbins was greeted with a warm welcome; the staff were so friendly and I saw this amazing connection between Flynn and his therapist, Jo.  Now nearly two years on Flynn continues to come weekly for sessions with her and it makes him so happy. 

Meet Flynn's music therapist

Music Therapy helps Flynn immensely; from being a little boy who found noise and music so difficult, he now loves taking part in sessions. Flynn has really found his voice in music and has even begun to use his imagination to make up songs, something which he found so difficult before. 

Flynn feels confident to explore and achieve which has really improved his learning, cognitive and memory skills - he now has a real sense of who he is and what he can accomplish. The sessions also help him manage his emotions; if he ever arrives anxious or tired, he always leaves happy, relaxed and calm.  

Music Therapy gives Flynn the opportunity to learn, develop and have a ‘normal’ experience. He is free to express himself and create his own musical language, which for him is completely invaluable.

Natasha, Flynn’s mum