Hass's story

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I am a survivor of a car accident which happened over half a decade ago on October the 17th. I suffered a broken femur and pelvis, torn ligaments in my knee but most devastatingly of all, a severe traumatic brain injury. Whilst still in a coma it was predicted that I would never walk and talk again.

Music therapy helps me in a number of ways. It allows me to socialise more which helps me build up my confidence and it encourages me to communicate more with people I don't normally see. I believed that the creative person that I was before my accident was gone but composing music during the sessions has allowed me to be creative again. It has helped me with my communication skills by giving me the opportunity to meet new people and encouraging me to put more effort into the first impressions that I am creating. It has also helped me physically by enabling me to improve the dexterity of my fingers. This helps me to reach further goals in my rehabilitation. 

Listen to Hass perform one of his compositions, accompanied by his music therapist Lindsay.