Meet Alfie and Louie

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Alfie and Louie are now ten years old, and have autism. 

Both boys have a long list of symptoms including the fact that they didn't speak. Alfie generally finds life overwhelming. He can get very stressed and frustrated. Louie is such a frightened little boy that even entering a room or building can take up to half an hour.

Alfie and Louie's family had become very isolated until a friend introduced them to Nordoff Robbins.

We started music therapy sessions and the change in our children was immediately staggering. Alfie started using words and now loves listening to the radio in the car. He even moves his shoulders up and down like dancing when he hears Olly Murs! He is finding a connection with the outside world which is amazing to see.

Louie has become so brave. By singing or humming a familiar tune he relaxes and becomes better equipped to deal with the task ahead. He has slowly begun to embrace life. He stops still when he recognises a piece of music and gives responses such as turn it up, turn it off or rewind it again! This is great decision making for a little boy who could never make any choices.

Before we introduced music therapy into Alfie and Louie's life we were very lost, but now we hope the boys will be a bit braver and happier. Music will definitely play a part. To put it simply, music has opened a big window and a light has come on.

Noreen, Alfie and Louie's mum