Thank you for signing up to join the Nordoff Robbins Online Choir!  Below are some frequently asked questions about the session and how it will work: 

I have never used Zoom before – how does it work?

Please look at the ‘Downloading and Using Zoom’ attachment. It will tell you how to download the application and how to get started with using it.  

How do I access the choir each week?

Nordoff Robbins music therapists, Oli and Emily will send you an email on Monday, the day before the session. This email will have a link to join the choir session the next day. At around 3:55pm click on the link and it will take you through to the choir session.  

Your computer may ask you if you’d like to open the session through the application – click ‘open’ 

You will then enter the choir session, ready to start with warmups led by Oli or Emily at 4pm.  

How do I access the lyrics for the songs?

Song lyrics will be included in a PDF format to the email with the link to the session. They will also be posted in the chat box during the session.

I can only see one person on the screen, how do I see everyone?

There are different two main ways you can view Zoom

You can switch between the two views by using the top right button on the screen which will either say ‘Speaker View’ or ‘Gallery View’: 

  • Speaker View – this means you will see a big picture of whoever is speaking at that point, with a few little pictures in a bar either to the side or running along the top or bottom of the screen. This is good when everyone is muted and you just want to see the choir leader while she is taking you through the song. It isn’t very good if you want to try and see everyone, or if lots of people are talking at once as it will flit between each person speaking quickly.
  • Gallery View – this means that you will see lots of pictures of everyone in the group. The view will not change and is good if you want to be able to see everyone at once. Depending on how many people are in the group, they may be across several screens. You can see everyone by clicking the arrows on the side of the screen or swiping on a tablet or phone. You will see more people on your screen at once if you are using a laptop or computer as the screens tend to be bigger. It’s not so good if you want to focus on the choir leader to learn something.

I am muted, why can’t anyone hear me?

There will be times where the choir leader will have to mute everyone. Unfortunately, technology (whilst being pretty good!) isn’t yet good enough for us to able to sign all together at the same time. There will always be a delay and therefore won’t sound how it would sound if we were singing together in person.

For this reason, the choir leader will mute everyone at certain points so that you will be able to sing in your own home with them singing with you. The choir leader will do different things during the session for you to experience both singing in unison together and in harmony.  

I can only hear myself and the choir leader, why is this?

For the reason above, there will be times during the session where everyone except the choir leader will be muted in order for you to experience singing in time. This means that sometimes you will be able to see everyone singing, but not hear them. 

Will there be times where we can sing together?

The choir leader will take you through some physical warmups, some breath warms ups and some vocal warm ups before starting on the song repertoire. For most of the warms, you will be able to hear other people and they will be able to hear you.  

There will also be times during the session where everyone can feedback and discuss the music if they wish.  

I can see everyone, but I don’t want to be seen myself

This is fine – although it will be great to see everyone enjoying the session (especially for those moments where we can’t hear each other), we understand that it is sometimes difficult to share your video with people you don’t know.  

If you would rather not have your video on, you can choose to ‘stop sharing’ your video. This means a black screen will be visible to everyone, including yourself.  

I have a problem during the session, what do I do?

Please feel free to raise your hand and ask a question if you need to.

This may be the first time you are using this application or have an experience of an online choir. Hopefully there won’t be any problems during the session, but if there is something urgent that you’d rather not share, please use the ‘chat’ feature and private message Emily Grimes.  

If you have any worries or concerns following the session, please email Oli at