Caring with Music: Can Music Do More In Adult Care Settings?

Explore how music can help in care settings as an adult caregiver.

Course Details

Caring with music: Can music do more in adult care settings? 

Do you work in a care home, hospice, or an adult care setting? Have you seen first-hand the power of music with the people you work with? 

 If you’d like to find out how music could help the people you work with and explore ideas from our expertly trained music therapists to use in care settings, then our free online course could be perfect for you. 

Who is this course for: 

  • This course is for anyone who works in an adult care-setting where music could benefit the people you work with 
  • You could have already seen the power that music can have, or you may want to explore how it could help.  


The course: 

  • The course is online over the duration of six-weeks 
  • You can learn in your own time, there are no set seminars or lessons 
  • It’s free – you just need to sign up to FutureLearn 


How to sign up? 


What you’ll take from this?  

On this free online course, you’ll explore the reasons why music ‘works’ and learn how to apply this in your adult care setting for positive change. Once completed, our aim is that you will be able to: 

  • Explore your own relationship with music and how this can enhance your care work    
  • Find out why music is an effective tool in care settings    
  • Be able to listen musically and ‘tune in’ to the people you support    
  • Create songs to help in your work    
  • Use musical instruments with the people you support    
  • Bring music into the daily life of your care setting    
  • Improve the soundscape of your setting    
  • Plan and facilitate music activity sessions. 


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The course is a six week course, with three hours weekly study time.

The course is completely online and you can sign up for free for eight weeks access.



Free access to the course for eight weeks.

Upgrades and subscriptions are available – please see the FutureLearn website for full details.