Nordoff Robbins Master of Music Therapy Application Form

Thanks for your interest in applying to join our MMT programme!

Please note, due to the complexity of the application form, we do not recommend completing on a mobile device.

A number of questions in the application make reference to additional information, or external sites. Links to these are provided in the application form guidance and FAQs, which also includes a breakdown of the questions included on the form. We recommend reading this prior to starting your application.

You may save and return to your form at any point during the application. We strongly recommend regularly saving your responses. Please note that in order to enable save and return, data entered into the form is automatically saved on our server. This data is only accessed in the event that you have an issue with submitting your entry (or retrieving your saved form) and is routinely deleted after 30 days.

If you have any questions about the application process, or need an accessible version of this form, please contact:

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