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Research team: Mercédès Pavlicevic, Neta Spiro & Camilla Farrant

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins

Start date: February 2013

Project outline: In order to further build on Nordoff Robbins practice, in this study we are carrying out an analysis of the levels in Nordoff Robbins Evaluation Scale 1 and how the terms therein are used when describing short music therapy video extracts. We are investigating the connection between what can be seen and heard in videos and the terms used to describe them.


Research team: Neta Spiro, Giorgos Tsiris, Charlotte Cripps, Anna Snowman & Mercédès Pavlicevic

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins

Start date: October 2014

Download the Outcome Measures  in Music Therapy

Project outline: Although there is currently a plethora of outcome measures available for music therapists, and a large number of these are used in music therapy work, practitioners and researchers often encounter problems in identifying the most appropriate outcome measures for a given study.

This project identifies outcome measures that are currently available for those working with clients with dementia and autism and investigates:

  • what the methods of assessment are,
  • where the focus lies in terms of the client’s ‘behaviour’,
  • what the differences and similarities are across different outcome measures,
  • what (if anything) is missing from the measures,
  • what the pros and cons of using such measures might be in different situations.

As part of the project we will also bring together definitions of outcome measures, while considering their potential usefulness to Nordoff Robbins work.