4 things you might not know about leaving a gift in your Will

Remember a Charity in your Will week aims to encourage people to leave a gift to charity in their Will and we thought we’d answer a few frequent questions. Making a Will is an important decision, so we do recommend speaking to a solicitor if you’d like more detailed information.

1. When should I write my Will?

It’s quite common that people think about making a Will when big life events happen. Research has found that most people write their first Will at 38 but it’s never too early or too late, and you can change your Will whenever you want. Most importantly, a Will gives you the opportunity to make choices and to make sure your wishes for the future will become reality.

2. How much does it cost to make a Will?

You can write a legally binding Will yourself (the Which? website provides further information) although we highly recommend using a registered solicitor. A solicitor will typically charge between £150 and £400, and it means you can ask all those important questions and be confident that you receive expert advice on a range of matters, including tax implications.

The Law Society website has a free tool to find a solicitor in your local area, and as the independent professional body for solicitors, you can be assured that the listed solicitors will provide legal services that are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

3. What if I want to leave a gift to a Charity? How can I trust the charity I’ve chosen to support?

Trust is enormously important when you decide to leave a gift to a charity. You need to make sure that you are not only passionate about their cause, but also fully comfortable with how the charity is run. First of all, you can check whether the charity is registered with the Charity Commission. Secondly, we would recommend taking a look at their annual review to see how they are spending their money – take a look at all of the Nordoff Robbins publications. Finally, why not give them a call and ask them about their aims, their future plans and how a donation could support a cause close to your heart.

4. How much work is involved in including a charity in my Will?

Despite what many people may think, it’s easy to include a charity in your Will. You should think about what you have – this could be money, a valuable collection, a property, etc. – and then what you would like to see happen in the future. You will need a charity’s details (including the legal address and the Registered Charity Number) and your solicitor will be able to advise you on the wording and how to ensure that your Will is a legally binding document.

We have been lucky enough to receive gifts from Wills in the past. In 2015, legacy gifts supported 175 days of music therapy in schools, care homes and hospitals. If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Nordoff Robbins, please visit Other ways to give for further information.

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