91 year old man sky dives in memory of his wife

At 91, our supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to go that extra mile to raise money for Nordoff Robbins in memory of his wife. Here is his touching story.  

I had been married to my wife June for nearly 50 years when she was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the age of 79.

All her adult life June had been a singer with Amateur Operatic Societies.

In 1960 she joined  the Ruislip Operatic Society and took  part in virtually all their productions  for the next 35 years.  She sang as a  high soprano and had a beautiful voice. I was no singer but I worked backstage for ROS so we could be together. I eventually became an Honorary Life Time Member.

From 2003, when June was first diagnosed with dementia, I became her carer at home but in 2010 after collapsing at home June was admitted to hospital. Her condition had deteriorated to the extent that she needed 24 hour surveillance and she was then admitted to a care home. Whilst in the care home I visited her  twice every day and often in the evenings we would sit together and with a DVD player listen to recordings  of music from shows that she knew. I also played her  recordings of her own singing. I could tell she experienced great pleasure from this music and her own singing, unfortunately near the end she no longer recognised her own voice or me as her husband. June died in January 2011.

After losing June I did not re-connect with ROS as I felt  the memories would be too painful. Instead in September 2011, at the age of 86, I joined  Rock Choir knowing I did not have to have a good singing  voice.

Imagine my reaction when I walked into the rehearsal  room for the first time and found myself facing about 50 ladies and not a man in sight. It stayed like this for over a year but I need not have worried I was made so welcome and the friendship has grown progressively.

Early this year I received an email from Rock Choir informing me of their intention to support the Nordoff Robbins. I had never heard of them, so I went online and played one of their videos.  This video showed an elderly lady, suffering from dementia, surrounded by family listening and enjoying music. I sat and cried as this so vividly reminded me of my own experience. I then decided I wanted to support Nordoff Robbins.

I had already decided to try and raise the awareness of Rock Choir by doing a Tandem Skydive wearing my Rock Choir Tshirt but then I realised that a 91 year old man doing a Skydive for Charity might attract enough attention to raise funds. 

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We are so grateful for the support that Rock Choir have given us as their charity partner, helping us to share our vision and reach new audiences across the UK.

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