Gill, music therapist, playing an accordion

A musical reminder to wash your hands

Our music therapist, Gillian Farkas-Blake, has created a wonderful musical resource for parents and children who might need some encouragement (or helpful reminders) around the importance of properly washing hands during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Gillian works with a number of schools in South West England, who have special provisions to support children with complex needs. She explained that in light of the government’s new social distancing policies, which means that she won’t be able to attend her usual music therapy sessions at the schools, she wanted to leave them with a musical resource to keep them going for a little while.

Gillian said,

“I wanted to let them know they’re not forgotten and create a musical presence for them whilst I’m away. Given that the reason why I won’t see them for a while is down to Coronavirus, it made sense to create a song that would also be educational – helping them to understand that there’s things they can do in order to stay safe.”

Gillian came up with the idea for the song because one of the children she works with suffers from anxiety when hearing “Happy Birthday”. Personally we think this version works even better!

Watch her video on YouTube: