Adcan Awards shortlist

The ADCAN Awards #makegood movement aims to mobilise the film and advertising industries to make a real difference in the world. Earlier this year, they launched a competition for up-and-coming film makers and we were lucky enough to be chosen as one of four charities to submit a brief.

Meet the four shortlisted filmmakers who have made it to the final on Thursday 18 August and discover why they were inspired to tell the stories behind our life-changing power of music therapy. 

Giorgia Grassini – Memories

My name is Giorgia and I have been in love with animation since watching Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” for the first time. From that moment on I have been on my own path to discover, admire and create “Beauty”.

As soon as the ADCAN awards charities briefs were published, I knew I would make a film about Nordoff Robbins. I believe in the power of music especially as a mean to overcome physical and psychological barriers. The more I researched for the project, the more I got involved and attached to the cause. It is particularly incredible how music can change life of elderly people, helping them to remember who they are and reconnect with their past experiences. The film is inspired to this reconnection with memories through music. 

Morgan Ritchie – Shell

I studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art before working for the ed-tech start-up Kahoot! I soon applied to the National Film and Television School where I studied Directing Animation. There I made my graduation film “The Reunion”, animated using pixilation.

I was initially intrigued by Nordoff Robbins’ brief as I had never come across music therapy before. The transformative capability of the therapy got me excited and I was struck by how powerful and effective it can be. 

The inspiration for the film came from the line ‘music helps people come alive from the inside’. It reminded me of a Saul Steinberg sculpture, where he drew a character hiding on the inside walls of a cardboard box. From there I developed the idea of a man hiding himself away but is literally brought of his shell through the power of music. I wanted to keep the device of a cardboard box and pixilation seemed like the perfect tool in order to tell that story.

Vikesh Govind – Pure

I am a filmmaker in a non-conventional sense as I studied science at university rather than one of the arts. However after picking up a camera I couldn’t resist the beauty and enchantment creating a film had. I’m always looking for something that can move people on the other side of the screen and with “Pure” I feel as though I have managed to do that within a very short 30 seconds.

I was inspired to create this film as I wanted to portray what music means to me in the most simple way; a change in state. When I listen to music the world changes – it becomes a little brighter and more colourful. Jocelyn (the girl in the film) instantly does that without music so I thought with it, it would be magical.

I chose Nordoff Robbins as my dad is hard of hearing and knowing how much music means to him made it a very easy choice.

Mally Yina – My World

I am a self-taught filmmaker and have been making short forms for several years now but until now, I haven’t had the courage to leave a day time job. This year I am making that leap, which is an exciting but also a rather scary prospect. Therefore I’m even more grateful that I’ve been shortlisted for ADCAN Awards again (it’s my second year of submitting and being shortlisted). It proves that I am on the right path and my ideas resonate with others. It makes me feel hopeful for the future.

When I researched Nordoff Robbins I found out that they operate in many different countries delivering astonishing results through music. Amongst many YouTube videos I found one which inspired me most. It was a story of a very young boy from Harlem, named Joshua, who was born pre-mature, blind and autistic.  Joshua was described by his terapist as a child with a very beautiful inner world, but who did not want to share that world with others. Through music and therapy he not only learned day-to -day activities but also revealed his musical genious. This and other stories I watched were a real revelation to me. I went to a music school myself when I was young but I never realised that music could have such effect on children and adults with sever disabilites and in return, their families. Making the film for Nordoff Robbins, I wanted to show that inner world of an autistic child and constrast it with the “exterior shell” we normally see and judge by.

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