Screenshot of people sat in front of their computers during a group video call

Cabaret in the time of corona

In response to Covid-19, our Master of Music Therapy seminars were moved online. One of the seminars scheduled was for the students (and tutors) to perform a cabaret… so we moved this online.

The students were asked to compose a song each in the style of a cabaret performance, and to share the videos with their cohort for a ‘virtual cabaret’. The students were quick to embrace innovative ways to perform and share their music with one another.

Music Therapist Richard Bennett said,

“Cabaret is typically comical or satirical in some way, often responding to the troubles of the day with irreverence or melodrama… so it seemed a timely session to host given the current situation!”

Watch the video of ‘Bob Dylan and Joan Baez’ performing for the virtual cabaret on Youtube.