Coming Together in Music: our annual All Colleague Get Together

Communications and Marketing Officer Bryony Walsh tells all about her first experience of the Nordoff Robbins annual All Colleague Get Together….

Earlier this month marked our annual two-day All Colleague Get Together, to share practice, experience, and updates from across our regions and teams.

With any organisation which is regionally dispersed, coming together is vitally important to strengthen the fabric of our internal community and remind us all of the incredible cause which is at the very heart of our charity.

As a relative newcomer to the charity, this was my very first All Colleague Get Together, and I was truly blown away by the experience. Working in comms and marketing, I have daily communication with our music therapists across the regions, hearing about what they are doing day in day out, but to meet so many of them for the first time face to face, and hear their many presentations on how so many people have benefited from our music therapy in so much detail, was really moving.

And it was that detail that struck me; the nuances in music that our therapists pick up on in a music therapy session, that they actively listen out for, and act on. Things that would honestly go over my own head, they are attuned to – until now I had no idea how intricate in detail a music therapy session is, how second to second our therapists are listening out for tiny musical cues from our beneficiaries – giving them the space and freedom to offer what they can, and what they want, in music.

It was also fascinating to hear all about our development plans and strategies which outlined the charity’s aim to increase accessibility to our services across the UK and create new ways for people to engage through music. I found this to be incredibly motivational as this insight into our 5 Year Strategy shared where we are going as a charity, and our vision for the future.

What I left with was a sense of unity, knowing that we are all playing our part in making our charitable ambitions a reality, and that we are all there for the same fundamental reasons – for our love of music, and wanting to make a difference to people’s lives.