Details for Our Office Move

Moving to Our New Home

This week we’ll be moving to our new home!  

This is very exciting for us – the new centre has been designed from the ground up to focus on music therapy. The walls are designed by an architect specialising in musical acoustics, the colours chosen with care and attention (did you know that children with autism see colours with a greater intensity than neurotypical children, especially red?), and accessibility requirements were considered from the get go.

Our original centre was built for us by the proceeds of the huge Knebworth show in 1990. It was an incredible place which helped us to achieve so much. But in the nearly 30 years since, research into music therapy has moved on a lot, so we knew we could do more.

So while we’re really excited, there will be a bit of disruption over the next couple of days.

The Move

While we move there will be some disruption to the normal running of things. Below is a rough timeline of what to expect.

Our phone numbers should continue to work – they’ll be connected to an answering machine and the staff will try to pick up when they can (but between all the box moving it may take a little while for us to get back to you).

If you want to get in touch and it’s not urgent, please contact us next week when we’re all back, settled, and ready to hit the ground running.

Tuesday 9th May

The office will be open as usual until approximately 15:00.  After this we’ll have no access emails.

Wednesday 10th May

This is the official moving day, so we’ll have no email access all day as everything is moved, set up and tested. We’ll be on a skeleton staff too, so you may have to wait until later in the week if you need to speak to a specific person.

Thursday 11th May

All Nordoff Robbins staff will be in the office and helping to unpack, but email and phone access will still be patchy.

Friday 12th May

Our first full day in our new home! Putting aside the normal teething-problems of a big move, everything should be up and running as normal.

But the most important thing to say is thank you all for your kindness and support. None of this would be happening without you.