Do The Shuffle

Do the Shuffle

Do the Shuffle is a research study about people’s everyday music listening. The aim of the study is to gain a better understanding of people’s everyday relationships with music. This may help us better understand how it may be used within community contexts to benefit people. To do this we need your help!

The online survey only takes around 15 minutes to complete.

To participate you need to be:

This study is in three parts:

Part 1: Firstly, you will be asked to take out your regular music listening device (e.g. phone, laptop etc.), turn on the shuffle function within a listening app you usually use and press play. Whatever song comes on first (no matter which one it is), you will be invited to answer some open-ended questions about this song. You will then be asked to do this entire procedure again, but with a different song (using shuffle again).

Part 2: Next, you will answer some short multiple choice questions about the two songs you just listened to.

Part 3: Finally, you will be asked to fill out another short questionnaire about yourself and your music listening habits.

To take part click here to Do the Shuffle.

This study is organised by members of the research team at Nordoff Robbins, a music therapy charity, and the School of Psychology at Keele University.

Keep up with the progress of the study by checking the Nordoff Robbins website for updates.