Doreen’s Story

Music therapy has heightened and broadened my perceptions of what music can achieve and it makes me feel warm and comforted. The most important thing to me about music therapy is that I am able to express myself.

Traumatic circumstances in my life have affected me very badly in lots of ways. As a result I suffer from severe depression and anxiety which means I need help with certain things in life, and support with managing people and forming new relationships.

I have always liked music, and one day my key worker told me about Nordoff Robbins. The idea of making music with someone really appealed to me. So in 2013 I made my first visit to Nordoff Robbins and I still remember the very good feeling I got when I arrived; it was calm and friendly.

I attended music therapy once a week before progressing onto specialist piano lessons, which I still take to this day. I am also part of a ‘Jam Band’ which meets once a week. Music therapy has helped me so much, I feel calmer and I am happier for doing it. When I am playing, a sense of peace comes over me, especially if I get a piece right. I like the challenge of learning new musical things and I even think that if life had been different for me I would have taught music or been a musician.

Without music therapy, I would be lost.

Thank you so very much to Nordoff Robbins.