Eilidh’s Story

Eilidh, who has a life-limiting illness, takes part in music therapy at her children’s hospice and says: “It is really exciting because I get to play lots of different instruments and learn new things. It makes me very happy.”

Seven-year-old Eilidh has frequent hospital treatment and her health needs can be unpredictable. She attends school and a children’s hospice, but it is difficult for her family to find appropriate and fulfilling activities for Eilidh given her rare and complex condition.

However, music therapy has proved a big success! Throughout her one to one sessions, Eilidh’s music therapist Janet has seen a significant progress in her singing voice and rhthymic ability. In sessions, Eilidh has been able to express a range of feelings through music, from joy to anger, in a way she has not been able to before.

Speaking of how music therapy has helped Eilidh, her mum Rhona said:

“The music therapy sessions have proved a welcome distraction from everyday life and the many changes Eilidh has had to overcome in school, home and hospital life recently. As the sessions have progressed we have noticed that music therapy isn’t just about fun anymore but also how Eilidh has used it to express her emotions and frustrations about the changes in her life.

“After music therapy she is very excited initially but then she seems so relaxed and calm. I think as a parent I totally misunderstood the impact music therapy can have and it certainly has been an extremely positive experience for my daughter. She counts down the days until her next session and wants to let everyone know what she has been doing and learning.

Her music therapist Janet makes her feel very at ease and happy, as well as giving Eilidh the confidence to believe in herself and realise her potential. Janet gives Eilidh time and follows her lead in all that Eilidh wants to experience in music therapy.”

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