Find out about our Master of Music Therapy

If you’re considering a career in music therapy, our open evenings and short courses are a great way to find out more about our music-centred Nordoff Robbins approach and our two-year full time Master of Music Therapy course (MMT).

Music therapist Lou Gregg completed our MMT course two years ago, and is now employed full-time by Nordoff Robbins. Lou started her music therapy journey by attending one of our open evenings, and she now uses her musical skills and expertise to help people through music every day. Here are her reflections on the open evening and MMT course:

“When I began considering a music therapy training course, I attended a Nordoff Robbins open evening. The evening was extremely focused and included videos of music therapy in action, which gave me a much more thorough grasp of what exactly Nordoff Robbins music therapy is. It also helped me understand the structure of the course, both in relation to time requirements, practical elements and the different types of teaching included.

“Even now I occasionally think back to the open evening I attended as a moment where my love for working with people and playing music made more sense than ever and as a time of excitement that it might be possible for me to have a job where I could do that every day. I really see that evening as the start of the journey that lead me to where I am today.

“The opportunity to hear the course tutors talk passionately about the training and their work as music therapists was not only informative but also gave me a much better feel for the charity and the people who would be working with us each week. I arrived at the open evening feeling curious but unsure, as I previously knew very little about music therapy. However, I left the open evening feeling inspired, moved and challenged having seen music, the thing that I loved, being used in such a meaningful and significant way.

“Both the information and the quality of the music therapy and of the staff that I met led me to apply for and complete the Master of Music Therapy course.

“The centrality of music and of people within the Nordoff Robbins approach is what made the MMT the right choice for me. The course itself was practical, thorough, robust, challenging and fulfilling at every turn, with music constantly at its core. Having placements from the outset was so beneficial, as we could put everything we learned into real life contexts. Similarly, the weekly supervisions were excellent for coaching on specific moments from placement. Learning with and from the rest of the cohort was such a privilege, and valuable beyond words.

“In addition to all of that, the greatest strength of the program is the tutors; they are highly skilled, and so insightful and committed to figuring out each student, to draw out their strengths. I went on a long process and grew so much over the two years, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the tutors on the course. At the end of the program I felt fully equipped to apply for the graduate employment scheme with Nordoff Robbins, and am now employed by Nordoff Robbins full time.”

If you’re interested in attending an open evening, we have upcoming events taking place in Liverpool and Newcastle.