Going the distance for Nordoff Robbins

Jayden was 17 when he first started coming to Nordoff Robbins for specialist music lessons. Diagnosed with autism and specific learning disabilities, he had been drawn to the piano from a young age but nobody had ever taught him to play properly and he was restricted by peculiarities in his self-developed personal playing style.

Jayden and his parents travelled to our London centre from Derby every week. His mother Janice explains what these visits meant to her and her son.

“The music tuition at Nordoff Robbins was exactly what Jayden needed. Fraser knew just when to pause if Jayden was becoming stressed and how and when to encourage him to achieve a little more. He was focussed, gave eye contact and interacted in ways that he had never done before in other areas of learning.
It was a treat for us to see him learn so fast and so effectively.
He has also began to transfer some of what he learned in his sessions at Nordoff Robbins to home and as a result, his confidence in learning and achieving in music has grown at a time when his confidence in all other areas of learning was diminishing.

See Jayden perform Bach’s Minuet in G

For us to travel all the way to London and back was a big undertaking; a gamble, but it has paid dividends. Jayden coped with the adverse effects of the noise during the journeys, managing his reaction to that well enough to enable him to participate in each lesson in a positive way and to respond appropriately, working hard all the time. A lot of that was due to Fraser’s teaching methods and empathy.

His lessons with Fraser were his lifeline, and a significant means of coping. For some time it has been the case that so many people in our area make so much effort to undermine every positive thing that we (and that includes Jayden) try to do. Our day out to London once a week was a vital break from all that.

Under Fraser’s tuition and guidance Jayden has thrived, has made better progress than we dared hope and has also matured as a person. We have found it a refreshing and heartening experience.

Fraser is a teacher and musician in a thousand. The specialist music lessons have given Jayden a priceless gift; they taught him to believe in himself and his ability to learn.” 

Make a difference

We have four dedicated music therapy centres in North London, Croydon, Manchester and the Royal Albert Hall and 2016 will see a brand new centre opening in Newcastle. Over the next five years we will be expanding our services across the UK but to do this, we need your help.

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