Jo Carter becomes Director of External Affairs, Communications and UK Development

We were pleased to announce earlier this week that the trustees of Nordoff Robbins England and Wales and Nordoff Robbins Scotland have decided to consider a merger to form one UK charity.  This is an incredibly exciting development, offering Nordoff Robbins UK, real opportunities to grow our music therapy services and to reach more vulnerable and isolated people in need of our support.

In light of this, and our wider developmental goals, we are delighted that Jo Carter (currently Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications) has been appointed by Nordoff Robbins’ board to be our Director of External Affairs, Communications and UK Development. The new role will have responsibility for key aspects of the co-ordination and implementation of the proposed merger with Nordoff Robbins Scotland and will also ensure greater emphasis on our Goal Three (Communications and Marketing) development objectives to continue building brand awareness, drive our public policy agenda and maximise opportunities aligned to our national campaigns in support of our organisation wide objectives and five year strategic plan.

Jo’s experience, knowledge and personal commitment to the organisation made her the board’s obvious choice for this role. During her time as Director of Fundraising and Communications, Jo has developed invaluable relationships within the music industry and among key stakeholders and we are delighted that in her new role, Jo will continue to be a high-profile ambassador for our work both internally and externally.

A part of this re-organisation Hannah Sheedy (currently Head of Fundraising) will be also be taking on the role of Acting Director of Fundraising.