Marathon – The Victors

Last weekend we had eight incredible people run the London Marathon for us. For some if was their first go at the grueling 26.2 mile stretch. They’ve all kindly given us permission to share their final times, with the hope that it might inspire others to give it a go too. Fancy seeing your name here next year? Get in touch with our fundraising team.

Daniel Ribbits: 4:41

Sally Minchella: 4:03

Philip Lickley: 4:15

Ben Gulvin: 5:09

Mark Nash: 4:29

Maria Harron: 3:29

Jonas Stone: 4:53

Alex Bugle: 3:56

You can read a bit more about some of the runners here.

For some it was their first ever marathon, others had braved the challenge before and still came back for more. 

But there was one runner in particular for whom this was definitely not his first go. We know because Daniel had run the Brighton marathon for Nordoff Robbins just two weeks before!

We asked Daniel to put in his own words what this was like running the two races, and here’s what he said:

Daniel’s Double Marathon

There will be beer at the end! 

That’s all I kept telling myself as I took on the London Marathon, my second Marathon in two weeks having completed the Brighton Marathon earlier in April! 

Having trained I suppose for nearly a year, the London Marathon was very much the culmination of my rather ridiculous challenge to do the two marathons, and I was so happy to have finished. Plus of course in the process I raised not just money but also awareness for Nordoff Robbins.

I have said it before, but I am not a great lover of running. This of course made training quite tricky at times! I always knew that once I got out of bed and got going I would be fine, but getting out of bed in the winter, even Christmas Day, sometimes proved challenging! Over time however, the miles built up and I knew I was more than ready for my marathons.

Brighton was a great day! Very hot – the sun decided to shine making for a lovely day at the seaside,  but not if you’re a runner! The crowds were so supportive and finishing along the seafront was fantastic, so much support from everyone. I finished in 4 hours 25 minutes – 50 minutes off my previous best at London! So going into this year London I was confident I could match that time or even better it.

The London Marathon however is a lot busier so it took a lot longer to get going. It was also another warm day. But as always in London the crowds and support were superb and dragged me across the line in 4 hours 40 minutes – slower than I would have liked, but still under my 5 hour target! 

When the opportunity came about to run for Nordoff Robbins I was more than happy to do so – it’s a charity that Rock Choir (who I work for) had been supporting and also a charity that I am huge fan of. I think that using music to help so many people is just amazing. I do hope that I can do more to support Nordoff Robbins in the future.

So what next? Well I have booked myself another marathon, another seaside one, Bournemouth in October so I need to get back to the running,. After a rest of course!  

And yes, I did get my beer. It certainly felt like I’d earned it! 🙂



Here are some pictures taken from across the day of the event, the runners, and the medals!