A photo of Jake with his brother Ash, his parents and small baby

Meet Jake who will be running the 2020 London Marathon in support of Nordoff Robbins

Jake will be running the London Marathon in support of Nordoff Robbins in April. Jake’s brother Ash has been receiving music therapy following a brain injury. It was after going to watch the 2019 London Marathon to support a friend that Jake decided that he wanted to take part in the fantastic event. He has chosen Nordoff Robbins as his charity because of the music therapy provided as part of Ash’s rehabilitation.

Please tell us about your brother Ash?

Ash suffered a brain injury back in September 2013 after he was subject to an unprovoked attack on a night out. He now resides in a neuro rehabilitation unit in Stocksbridge, Sheffield.

Before the incident he was a keen drummer playing in various local bands growing up. Music really was his passion, he loved every aspect from performing to the history. He would regularly be reading rock stars autobiographies, most likely dreaming of being that person one day.

A friend of mine once described him as the perfect rockstar because he had both the natural musical talent and the performing personality.

Watch the music video from Ash’s band Post Zero

What does music mean to you?

Both Ash and my dad are musicians, so music was always part of growing up. Ash and I would help my dad pack his music equipment to go to a gigs on the weekend. We were always exposed to all genres of music which most likely helped Ash’s real love for it.

It sounds cheesy but I feel that music acts as a bit of a soundtrack to certain periods in your life, certain songs can really bring back good (and bad) memories.

How is your training going so far?

Training is going well so far, but it’s very difficult to stick to a training plan with day-to-day life and a 17 month old toddler (!) but it will be worth it on the day.

What has helped is the fact that my wife is also running the Marathon. Essentially, I’m not just running to raise money for a fantastic charity that benefits my brother in a massive way, I’m also running for household bragging rights! At the moment I’m super excited about race day but I know nearer the time the nerves will kick in.

We wish you all the best for race day Jake!


Help Jake meet his fundraising target on Justgiving.

You can follow him on Strava and see his training progress.