Moving forward together

Our Chief Executive, Julie Whelan, writes about the merger of Nordoff Robbins and sister organisation Nordoff Robbins Scotland:

Today marks a momentous time for us as we join forces officially with Nordoff Robbins Scotland and merge into one charity with a shared primary goal – to deliver high quality Nordoff Robbins music therapy to all who need it.

We’re delighted to welcome our new colleagues who work across Scotland, and we look forward to getting to know them all so much better. For many years we have been working closely together, but our merger gives an opportunity to pool our expertise to form a comprehensive UK approach. Fundamentally, we want to support more people, in more places who can benefit from our music services.

Since 2015 we have had an ambitious plan at Nordoff Robbins to double the number of people we can support, and I am pleased to say that we are on the brink of meeting that aim, one year early. This achievement was made largely possible by the fundraising yielded by our dedicated supporters and donors, and by us committing these funds to employing more of our music therapy graduates and essentially prioritising front line services. 

We hope to do the very same in Scotland; we will be prioritising the training of more people in Scotland to support service provision across the country. We will also ensure that what is raised in Scotland through fundraising is retained in Scotland, to prioritise music therapy delivery to in local communities where we are needed most.

This now leads me on to the people I wish to thank for the success of this merger – the Boards of Nordoff Robbins and of Nordoff Robbins Scotland, who have ensured that we stayed focused on what was most important – our beneficiaries and our people.

I am sure that together we can achieve great things as a united charity, and that it is going to be a real journey for all of us.