Moving on with music project

‘Moving on With Music’ is a songwriting project for young adults transitioning into adult palliative care from specialised children’s services. It was developed in 2016 by Nordoff Robbins Scotland in collaboration with CHAS, the Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland.  

The beneficiaries involved have been working with our music therapist, Jo Edgar, to create their own piece of music which they performed at a showcase event celebrating their compositions, achievements and identities.

Reflecting on the project, Jo said:

“The songs that have emerged from the ‘Moving on With Music’ project are all so different.  They provide a representation of our beneficiaries unique identities, their determination and their resilience.  I hope that this project instils the confidence for these young people to go out and engage with the wider community, discover new possibilities and realise their potential.  It has been an absolute privilege to support our beneficiaries through this project.”