Music and Spirituality: A talk in Edinburgh and a conference in London

Would you like to find out more about musical care at the end of life?

Giorgos Tsiris – a PhD student at Nordoff Robbins – will give a talk on ‘Musical care at the end of life: Practice and research reflections on the everyday nature of the extraordinary’. This talk will take place on 27th September 2017, in Edinburgh.  

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Approaching the end of life is often characterised as a transformational experience not only for the dying person but also for the individuals and the communities around them. In the face of mortality, questions regarding people’s meaning in life, their values and beliefs come to the fore. The transformational potential of such ‘big questions’, however, seems to unfold in their seeking and in their translation in the ‘small things’ of everyday life.

Drawing from his music therapy practice and research, Giorgos will explore the powerful role of everyday musical care and its role within modern palliative care environments. The seemingly paradoxical relationship between the everyday and the extraordinary offers a platform for exploring music’s possibilities and music therapists’ craft in creating caring environments for individual and communal flourishing. This exploration points to expanded notions of music therapy practice with wider potential repercussions in terms of service provision as well as research and theory development in the field.

Would you like to participate in a research conference exploring music and spirituality?

If you are interested in music and spirituality more generally, register for the next Nordoff Robbins Plus research conference: Exploring the Spiritual in Music: Interdisciplinary dialogues in music, wellbeing and education. There are only a few spots left!

Date: 9th-10th of December, 2017 

Location: Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre, 2 Lissenden Gardens, London NW5 1PQ