PizzaExpress and Nordoff Robbins

Music becomes the new topping as PizzaExpress choose Nordoff Robbins as their UK charity partner

Nordoff Robbins are delighted to announce that from 21 June, we will become PizzaExpress’ new UK charity partner


PizzaExpress and their 60-year music heritage

Music runs through the veins of PizzaExpress. Whether that’s at one of their four live music venues in the UK, sharing a pizza with friends at one of their pizzerias or grabbing a pizza to go, they believe in moments of connection to make life richer.

How the partnership will help Nordoff Robbins

Along with fundraising initiatives from PizzaExpress as part of the partnership, 25p of every Padana pizza sale will go directly to Nordoff Robbins.

The partnership will help us provide more music therapy to vulnerable people across the UK and will also help wider communities. Music therapy has the potential to not only enhance the life experience of those we directly work with, but to positively influence the environment and community as well.

Rupi Zani, Wellbeing Director of PizzaExpress said:

“Nordoff Robbins is a small charity that has a big impact, and we believe that together, we can make a huge difference to the lives of many people.”

If all this talk of pizza has made you hungry

You can find your nearest PizzaExpress at

Sandra Schembri, Chief Executive of Nordoff Robbins said:

“Like the founder of PizzaExpress, Peter, all aspects of Nordoff Robbins’ work are concerned with music and love. Which is why this partnership is so amazing.

We’re all about connection. We believe that our work is love in action, through music. We strive to create a world, where through music, human potential is recognised, witnessed, and celebrated, regardless of profound disability, illness or social exclusion.

We are so excited about our partnership with PizzaExpress, and I cannot labour just how transformative it will be for us. Helping us reach more people, in more places who are telling us they need us more now than ever.”