Nordoff Robbins Announce Merger

Nordoff Robbins and sister organisation Nordoff Robbins Scotland have taken a significant step as they announce a major development – a merger, which will see the two organisations come together to form a single UK wide Nordoff Robbins charity.

Last year Nordoff Robbins and Nordoff Robbins Scotland together helped almost 9,000 people through music therapy. With a wealth of combined expertise and a joint commitment to delivering high-quality music therapy, the single Nordoff Robbins charity is set to expand its reach and help even more vulnerable and isolated people in communities where the power of music will be used to change lives.  

Dedicated to supporting individuals with physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs through the specialist use of music, Nordoff Robbins will now be able to support more people like 25-year-old Elizabeth, who has been having music therapy to support her with mental health issues caused by her diagnosis of dysphasia and autism.

“Music therapy brings people to life, just by picking up an instrument and joining together in music it helps to heal people, whatever pain or trauma or problem you have been through, it can help. You can be yourself, without judgement,” said Elizabeth. 

David Munns, Chair of Nordoff Robbins, said: “Nordoff Robbins has always been proud to support our sister charity Nordoff Robbins Scotland and by officially joining forces we will be able to change the lives of even more people through music. I am thrilled to welcome the chair of Nordoff Robbins Scotland, Heather Gardner, to our unified Nordoff Robbins Board of Trustees, as we embark on a new and exciting journey and continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Julie Whelan, CEO of Nordoff Robbins, said: “This move to merge with our sister organisation Nordoff Robbins Scotland is a significant moment in the charities’ history. It is a moment which brings with it scope for greater work, broader reach and more lives changed through music. In our hopes to achieve our objectives, we move forward stronger, and with the support of our Scottish colleagues we look to the future with vigour and confidence.”