Students celebrating graduation

Graduation 2019

On Friday 25 October, the London centre had the great pleasure of celebrating 2 years of hard work from our 13 Manchester-based students, who graduated from the Masters of Music Therapy (MMT) programme as qualified music therapists. We also celebrated the end of an amazing 7 years’ worth of hard work from Claire Flowers who graduated from our MPhil/PhD programme.

The afternoon brought together students, families, friends and staff, and welcomed back guests from our validating partner, Goldsmiths University of London, marking the incredible achievements from all students…and now fellow colleagues.

CEO Sandra Schembri, attending her first Nordoff Robbins Graduation, praised graduates as she spoke about the importance of the work. She said, ‘Our degree-bearing programmes are at the heart of what we do. The Masters programme is how we pass on the Nordoff Robbins approach to training musicians to be the music therapists of tomorrow. It is what our reputation around that world is founded upon.’

Dr Simon Procter, Nordoff Robbins Director of Music Services and convenor of the MMT Programme warmly congratulated all graduates as they set out to continue their brilliant work and said,’ ‘Music therapy is hard work: you will have to work beyond 9-5. You will have to go the extra mile to acquaint yourself with new musics, and to hear musics you think you already know through the ears of different cultured and worldviews. But it’s worth it, because we get to give a voice to the voiceless, to musically include the socially excluded, to give people labelled as ill or disabled experiences of their own wellness and ability. To spend time truly musically attending another who is in need is the greatest privilege a musician can have’.

Very best wishes to all our graduates!