Nordoff Robbins Poland

As well as running music therapy sessions and workshops in schools, higher education institutions, hospitals and special education centres, the organisation, which doesn’t have its own base, predominantly focuses on organising community music projects in public spaces and city centres. These sessions focus on social diversity; participants with disabilities, people who are homeless, people with mental health problems, the elderly, families and passers-by are all invited to join in with the music-making. Dominika said: “We believe that everyone can share in music, whatever their musical experience, personal history or abilities are. We want to gather people around what we all have in common: our inner musicality as well as a repertoire of well-known traditional songs.”

The organisation’s longer-term goal is to open a Nordoff Robbins Poland Centre for Music and Music Therapy in Poznań. Dominika and her team hope that this will be the start of more regular music therapy services and workshops, as well as enabling the training of Nordoff Robbins therapists. She said: “We are counting for fair winds, looking ahead of us with pleasure and excitement.”