Nordoff Robbins reaches more people than ever before

We’ve just published our Annual Review, showing the great work we did in 2016.

Last year we delivered 26,500 music therapy sessions to 6,985 individuals – reaching more people in more places than ever before.

Our mission is to deliver life-changing music to as many people as possible. Of the service users we spoke to, 92% said music therapy helped them with their communication, while 88% agreed that it enhanced their quality of life and well-being.  

In our Annual Review, you can find out more about the impact of our music therapy sessions, as well as about our work in education and research, and read the stories of some of the people we’ve helped, like Evie.

Evie loved to sing, but when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the operation to remove it left her partially paralysed and changed her voice – leaving her with no pitch or tone. Evie said: “Singing was such a big part of my life, and I was devastated,” however “music therapy helped make me whole again.”

We support thousands of people in our own centres and by working in partnership with a wide range of organisations, including care homes, schools and hospitals. When delivered by a trained practitioner, music therapy can help a child with autism to communicate, reduce anxiety for those living with dementia, or provide comfort and celebrate the life of someone facing terminal illness.

Read the Annual Review 2016 here.