Nordoff Robbins Summer School 2017

Summer School

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Tue, 14/3/2017


'Key Aspects of the Nordoff Robbins Approach'

Join us for four full days of workshops and seminars for professional music therapists who wish to become familiar with the Nordoff Robbins approach to music therapy and integrate this into their work.

What is the Summer School?

This year’s Nordoff Robbins Summer School will run from Monday 24 to Thursday 28 July 2017 at our London Centre. The Summer School is an international event for qualified music therapists from the UK and abroad and will focus on key aspects of the Nordoff Robbins approach. It will offer an opportunity to meet with colleagues from other countries, receive input from tutors and staff of the Nordoff Robbins education and research teams and share work. Tutors include teaching staff on the Nordoff Robbins MMT programme and experienced Nordoff Robbins music therapists and researchers.

Participants on the Summer School will gain:

  1. An overview of current Nordoff Robbins music therapy practice and thinking
  2. Development of skills in ‘Communicative and Social Musicianship’, including improvisational and repertoire based approaches based on Nordoff Robbins principles
  3. Skills in working as reflective practitioners in relation to their music therapy practice
  4. An understanding of monitoring and evaluation approaches appropriate to different music therapy settings and client groups

Who is the Summer School For?

Priority will be given to applicants from overseas. Fees are £300 sterling. The course language is English.

Applicants to the Summer school should normally:

  1. Be qualified music therapists in their home country
  2. Have undertaken the equivalent of at least 2 years FT study in music therapy at graduate or postgraduate level
  3. Have the equivalent of at least one year’s post-qualifying experience as a practising music therapist

Applicants who do not meet these criteria are encouraged to contact the course organisers to discuss their situation. Please email: 


Dates: Mon 24th July - Thurs 28th July 2017
Location: Nordoff Robbins London Centre, 2 Lissenden Gardens, London NW5 1PQ
Cost: £300 
Places: 12

For more details about the course and how to book, please see our Summer School leaflet and application form here