Nordoff Robbins to re-design music therapy centre

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded design services contracts to Bradley Van Der Straeten architects to refurbish our headquarters in North London.

Company directors George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten will lead the design team for our new music therapy centre which in Kentish Town, North London. The  mixed-use facility will comprise of exemplary music therapy rooms, a multi-purpose group space and a new open plan office area which will expand and upgrade facilities. Following the redesign, professional services staff will be housed in the same building as our music therapists, and this sharing of the new open plan offices will support communication and collaborative working amongst our vibrant staff.

In contrast to open plan space in the reception area and offices, the two main therapy rooms will offer a safe, natural and calm space which supports the creative nature of music therapy. Simple and stripped back, the rooms will ensure that the music and therapy is the focus for all who use them. To ensure a world class sound and sufficient privacy for therapy sessions, BVDS has worked closely with an acoustic consultant who has used his expertise to engineer some of world’s best recording studios.

George Bradley, Director, Bradley Van Der Straeten, said: “This is a unique opportunity to create a distinctive place that captures the vitality of the therapy and allows clients to express themselves in a safe and nourishing environment. This will be a place for curiosity, learning and collaboration and will service the needs of both the Nordoff Robbins staff and the wide range of clients visiting the centre. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with Nordoff Robbins to create a new home for this important and vital work.”

Julie Whelan, Nordoff Robbins Chief Executive says “We were delighted to award the design contract to Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects. We feel they are a great fit for us an organisation and really understand the needs of our clients and our ambition to reach more vulnerable people. The re-design of this unique London centre marks a key milestone for Nordoff Robbins and will help us ensure that we are offering the very best music therapy experience possible for our clients. We look forward to working with the BVDS team and believe they can transform our centre providing an exemplary music therapy space that reflects the creativity, energy and importance of our work.”

Designs have now been approved and construction is likely to go ahead in late autumn 2016.

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