On Stage at Home with Nordoff Robbins and the Clangers

We’re exciting to announce our new collaboration with children’s TV programme, Clangers.

Launching online on Tuesday 28th April, ‘On Stage at Home with Clangers and Nordoff Robbins’ is a brand-new series of musical videos, featuring specially created songs and music for young children and families whilst at home during lockdown and beyond, using instruments they find or make.

The videos, created as part of the new collaboration, aim to help young children of all abilities and their families to connect through music, performing songs using homemade instruments, movement, body percussion and voice.

Clangers has music and community at its heart, which makes them a perfect fit to help us champion music as a way to help families everywhere stay as connected as possible, whilst showing that music can be made and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether they have instruments or musical training.

‘On Stage at Home with Clangers’, features songs created and performed by Louise Gregg, a Nordoff Robbins music therapist, with a little helping hand from the Clangers, to demonstrate the positive impact that music can have on everyone’s health and wellbeing.

About the Clangers

The Clangers Little Blue Planet is filled with music and dancing; growing on the planet are music trees and singing flowers, and they often row out on their music boat to go fishing or visit the Iron Chicken.  They also find, and discover new uses for, unusual objects on their planet, so throughout the series, they will help with tips and encourage families to create musical instruments and sounds from objects found in their homes, from sieves, to spices, wooden spoons, pots and pans and everything else in between.

About our partnership

Jeremy Banks, Chief Executive of Coolabi, commented: “Clangers and Nordoff Robbins have such wonderful synergy, we felt this was the perfect partnership to create a positive and community focused initiative for Clangers fans old and new.

“We hope ‘On Stage at Home with Clangers’ will bring some joy to families across the UK, at a time when being creative together and staying connected are more important than ever.”

Sandra Schembri, our CEO, said: “We believe in music and the benefits it can bring, from supporting children’s development and coordination to helping people’s mental well-being in times of social isolation, which is why our partnership with Clangers has come at such an important moment. As families are finding themselves spending a lot of time at home, making music and the benefits it brings are essential to staying healthy and connected.

“We want ‘On Stage at Home’ to encourage children of all abilities to make music and to think about the different types of sounds they can make, learn about the timing of their movements and how their bodies themselves are musical.

“Music brings us closer together. It can be made and enjoyed by anyone, and at times like this, the benefits that music brings are more important than ever.”

On Stage at Home has been produced in partnership by Coolabi Group and Nordoff Robbins, the videos were created and edited by a team of people at home across the UK, including, Chris Tichborne, co-director of Clangers using footage originally animated at Factory in Altrincham, Louise Gregg, music therapist for Nordoff Robbins, and Instruct Studio in Manchester.