Our New Partnership with St David's Hospice

Holding Hands

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Fri, 31/3/2017

At Nordoff Robbins we are always striving to reach more people in more places and so we are excited to announce the beginning of a new music therapy pilot project at St David’s Hospice in North Wales.

Our music therapist, Charlotte Bailey, (pictured with Glenys Sullivan, Clinical Lead at St David’s Hospice), currently works at two other adult hospices in North Wales and news about the benefit of music therapy in palliative care has spread fast!

Glenys Sullivan, Clinical Lead at St David’s writes:

‘St David’s Hospice day care is evolving, therapy is going to be an important part of the day care services, Music Therapy has been identified as a positive experience for patients in other Hospice settings including Inpatient Units. We look forward to developing Music Therapy in partnership with Nordoff Robbins for the benefit of our patients, the future certainly looks bright.’

If you're from an organisation and are interested in having a music therapist work with you, you can email the team at musicservicesadmin@nordoff-robbins.org.uk.