Pauline Etkin and Nordoff Robbins International

Pauline Etkin and Nordoff Robbins International

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Fri, 5/8/2016

After 5 years as a Board member at Nordoff Robbins, working tirelessly to develop and finalise the Licences deeds for all Nordoff Robbins entities around the world, our ex-CEO Pauline Etkin has now moved to a role as Honorary President of NR International.

Nordoff Robbins International protects the intellectual property of Nordoff Robbins and safeguards the ethos and moral code of the work of Nordoff and Robbins. The key purpose of Nordoff Robbins International is to oversee and support worldwide:

  • The provision and promotion of Nordoff Robbins music therapy as a form of treatment for adults and children with a range of special needs
  • The training of musicians as Nordoff Robbins music therapists and
  • The dissemination of research on the benefits of Nordoff Robbins music therapy.

Nordoff Robbins International has built up a substantial reputation for the Nordoff Robbins brand, which is associated with the highest standards of service and a clear and distinctive approach to Music Therapy, and supports organisations using the name around the world by providing professional support, advice and materials to assist their set up.

As a direct result of Nordoff Robbins International future opportunities to engage with Nordoff Robbins globally may include:

  • Enabling an NR International conference every three years
  • Exploring joint projects to benefit NR International in terms of global funding and research projects
  • Working with members of the network where strategic opportunities are identified, e.g. NR Australia are currently piloting distance music therapy – particularly in Aboriginal communities – through technology
  • Technological (hardware and software) enablement across the network as it grows

2016 is an exciting year for Nordoff Robbins International as we establish our global license and competency framework – our aim is to support growth of a high quality Nordoff Robbins federation, and we look forward to the positive outcomes Nordoff Robbins International can achieve with Pauline at the helm.

All queries should now be directed to Sarah Cosby.