Read why Lucie is running the London Marathon to support Nordoff Robbins!

In just under six weeks, Lucie is taking on the London Marathon in support of our life-changing music. Lucie will be running 26.2 miles and, as if that wasn’t a big enough undertaking, the marathon also falls on her birthday! We spoke to Lucie about what inspired her to take on the challenge, and what’s motivating her through the long hours of training. Here’s what she said:

What inspired you to take on the London Marathon in support of Nordoff Robbins?

I sing for Rock Choir, one of Nordoff Robbins charity partners, and I love it! I’ve always been a secret singer but never had the confidence to join a choir before I joined. I find singing is a massive release for me…it doesn’t matter what sort of a day I’ve had, I will never miss choir as I know after singing there each week, and meeting up with my fellow “Rockies,” I’ll be on a high when I leave.

Last year at Rock Choir, we had what we call the “Big Sing” in Southampton. Sandy from Nordoff Robbins gave a presentation to us about music therapy and we were shown videos of two individuals who had been helped by Nordoff Robbins’ music therapy. One of the videos featured a little boy living with autism – I thought his story was amazing and I’d love to meet him and his brave mum. I have an old school friend whose son has severe autism, and if I can help raise funds for Nordoff Robbins to help continue the amazing work with children living with autism, then of course I will.

The second video we were shown featured a lady living with dementia. My dad had dementia and I lost him fifteen years ago. He was everything to me and he absolutely loved music…I remember dancing on his feet as a child to Don Williams and us singing along to songs from “The Jungle book.” I so wish that we had known about music therapy when he was ill. The difference it could have made to him, and to us, would have been massive. Dementia is such an awful disease, not just for the individual but for the family of the person living with it too. I would give anything to have just five minutes back with my dad to play him Don Williams just for one last time…I think he would have loved it.

After seeing the presentation I just felt compelled to reach out and see what I could do to support Nordoff Robbins to help more people through music therapy.  The marathon is actually on my birthday so it feels like it’s meant to be!

What motivates you during your training runs?

Last week I ran my longest training run – it was bitterly cold and blustery but I hold in my mind the people who I know will be helped by the music therapy, and the difference I know the charity will make to people. I also find running really good for me mentally and just like singing, it’s a release for me. It’s something I do that I totally immerse myself in and nothing else matters whilst I’m doing it.

What does music mean to you?

I love music as it’s a way of relaxing and having fun. I always have music on and find it very therapeutic. I have a friend that lives in the United States and when one of us has had a bad day, we skype each other, put on our favourite bit of music, and just take five minutes to dance around our kitchens! It has the best effect – we laugh and then all is okay with the world and we’re able to get on with the task in hand that felt impossible just five minutes before.

What would you say to someone thinking of taking on a challenge to support Nordoff Robbins?

If you’re thinking of doing a challenge for Nordoff Robbins – do it! You will love it…and what’s more you’ll be making a big difference!

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