Royal Parks Half music therapy run

I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October for Nordoff Robbins.

Music therapy isn’t curative, but it can drastically improve quality of life and help people to make connections and express themselves in ways that language doesn’t allow. Watch the video of Kath to see how music can help those in advanced stages of dementia and check out their website for more stories on the amazing work they do for children living with autism and other conditions that affect communication.

Some of you may have noticed that I’m no athlete. I’m all body and no legs. Running is hard. I’ve never run one of these before.

My approximate body/leg ratio

So I’m going to need my own form of music therapy to get round the course. For every £10 pledged, you can also give me some music to listen to while I slog my way through the parks. You can make it inspirational (Heroes, Don’t Stop Me Now), get me pumped (Ibiza classics?) or stitch me up proper (ambient Brian Eno, Brostep, the nastiest black sludge metal). I’ll put them all into a playlist and soundtrack my endeavour with your nominations. To make it a bit more fun, I’ll give a prize to the person who gives me the music I run fastest to. 

A couple of rules

1) Make sure the music is on Spotify

2) Roughly 5 mins in length (No Mahler symphonies thank you)

3) £10 pledged = 1 song, £20 = 2 songs, £100 = 10 songs (improve your chances of winning the prize!)

4) Write your song nomination in the comment when you pledge

5) I’m aiming to finish in just under two hours. If you’re all really nice, I may get more than 2 hours worth of music. The playlist will be on shuffle but if I don’t get to your song, sorry (but thanks for your donation – you’re awesome)!

Would you like to add your song to Tim’s playlist? Head over to his Virgin Money Giving page to make your donation and help us change more lives through music therapy at the same time!

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