The Story of ‘You Feel Like Home’

It’s always deeply moving to have people get in touch with us and say they would like to raise money for music therapy. There have been many wonderful ways people have done this, from climbing mountains to jumping from planes. Whatever people do makes a huge difference, and we’re always so grateful.

Recently though, we had someone get in touch to support us in the most powerfully personal way, and we wanted to share it with you.

Valerie’s Story

Valerie Doshier passed away April 12th, 2016 after a short battle with brain cancer. Valerie was an aspiring artist who left behind a host creations, many unfinished, that her husband Nathan would look through. One day he came across an almost-finished song she’d recorded onto her phone. Knowing that Valerie believed in the power of love and its ability to inspire others, he knew that he had to do something with it. After all, the same day Valerie was diagnosed with terminal cancer was the same day she said:

‘If nothing more, I need to be an inspiration to someone.’

Knowing that this song was something special, Nathan looked for help to get it made into something bigger.

That help came in the form of Richard Jackson and Jamie Young, based in South Wales and enlisting Grant Tilbury of Trackd Music a social-songwriting-studio app with over 120,000 users worldwide. The team set about putting music to the vocal and song ideas Valerie had laid down on her iPhone whilst going about her daily life. They talked with Nathan, finding out more about Valerie’s musical influences and creating a song she would have been proud to have released.

That song was called ‘You Feel Like Home’, and it showcases Valerie’s creative nature, her projects and moments of inspiration were stored in all corners of her life. This track continues Valerie’s legacy with nothing but pure motives to inspire and help others.

Nathan decided that he wanted all of the proceeds of the song to come to Nordoff Robbins, so that the single can help even more people be inspired by music. It’s such a generous gift from such a moving story, and we cannot thank him enough. 

You can listen to the single on most major services, and download it for yourself with all the proceeds coming to Nordoff Robbins.

Download the song here.