Meet our Life Changing Music competition winners Taghreed and Samih!

Each year, in partnership with O2, we host the O2 Silver Clef Awards, a music industry fundraising event that recognises and celebrates the talent of some of the world’s biggest artists while raising vital funds for our life changing music across the UK.

In celebration of the event, we launched our life-changing music competition, along with O2 and Radio X. The competition asked people to share on Twitter or Instagram how music had transformed their life, or made it better, using the hashtag #LifeChangingMusic. The prize included two VIP tickets to the #O2SilverClefs, the opportunity to walk the famous blue carpet with major artists, and a personal Silver Clef award, ‘The Fan Clef,’ presented by Peter Andre!

The competition was judged by a panel of Nordoff Robbins music therapists who, after reading all of the incredible entries, were unanimous in their decision to crown Taghreed and Samih their life-changing music winners!

Taghreed entered on behalf of her son Samih, tweeting the following, along with a video of Samih singing one of his favourite songs:

“My son, Samih lost his eyes to cancer. Music is his passion and joy and the way he experiences beauty and creativity. Thank you Nordoff Robbins for your great work! Here’s Samih’s cover of Supermarket flowers #lifechangingmusic”

Here’s Taghreed’s winning entry

When we contacted Taghreed to tell her the good news, she said:

“I tell my son to do what he loves and to follow his heart. He loves music and so it is especially wonderful that we’ve won this prize simply by sharing Samih’s #lifechangingmusic story. When Cancer took Samih’s eyes, music spoke to his soul. Through music I have seen Samih time and time again access his inner capacities for strength, as well as happiness. As a blind person the visual dimension is missing for Samih. Music is the light in his life and the way he experiences beauty and creativity. First thing when he wakes up he puts the radio on and sings along and the last time he had surgery Samih was singing as he went in for the anaesthetic.”

Taghreed had entered the competition as a surprise, and Samih was thrilled when she told him they had won! She said:

“Samih is excited and elated about the prize. I didn’t tell him I entered the competition until I received the message that we won. As I began to tell him about the competition and the prize he said:

‘Mum, tell me later what you wrote. First, tell me who’s going to be there! Will Ed Sheeran actually be there? Who else will be there? Yay, I’m going to sing and dance all night!’”

Nordoff Robbins and O2 are delighted to award the prize to Taghreed and Samih, and we’re looking forward to watching them receive their very own Silver Clef at the awards ceremony next month!