Get Loud 2017

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Get Loud is back, and this year it's bigger than ever!

Get Loud is our big awareness day, when we gather people together to celebrate the life-changing power of music.

Music has the power to raise our spirits, to inspire us and bring us together. For some people music is even more than that. Music, in the form of music therapy, can be literally life-changing. For young people who struggle to communicate, people diagnosed with cancer who need an outlet, or old people living with dementia, music can provide a powerful avenue to help them express themselves and connect with others.

Get Loud is our help more people than ever benefit from the life-changing power of music therapy.

Last year saw 20,000 across 385 events took part in our #GetLoud campaign.

We want this year to be even bigger.

Want you to get invovled? Read on to find out how.

Get Loud Sessions

Here's the details for our Sessions, and your chance to get hold of some tickets.

We've got gigs including:

  • Artist 1
  • Artist 2
  • Artist 3
  • And many more!

The Headphone Challenge

Imagine coming to your firm music therapy session. You're being asked to perform in from of other people. It's enough to make most people a little nervous.

Now imagine you have a mobility problem so you can't play instruments very well. Or maybe surgery has forever changed the way your voice sounds, so you don't sounds like you any more. Maybe you'e there for anxiety issues, or you don't know how to open up. And you're being asked to make music.

Music therapy requires a huge amount of courage. So we're asking your to show just a little bit too and join in with out campaign. You can raise awareness and money to support our work, and litereally use your voice to give someone back theirs.

From organising a gig of your own, to taking on a challenge, there are lots of ways to get involved with Get Loud.  Whether you're from a school or hospital looking to get involved in music therapy, or an individual looking to make a difference, there's plenty of ways to take part.

We've got plenty of ideas in our fundraising pack, which is free to download here.