'Today's music therapists - thriving or surviving?'

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Fri, 20/10/2017

On 14 October Simon Procter, Nordoff Robbins' Director of Music Services, joined a roundtable discussion exploring 'the value' of music therapy in the UK. The session was organised by the British Association of Music Therapists as part of their 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Within the context of sustainability, the lively discussion covered a range of current topics facing music therapists, including: Whether or not music therapists are paid enough, the 'value' of music therapy, skills of music therapists and whether or not there is sufficient scope for career progression.

Simon highlighted a number of recent developments at Nordoff Robbins including:

  • The success of our Graduate Employment Scheme (GES), which is committed to employing at least 50% of graduates from the Nordoff Robbins' Master of Music Therapy programme each year. The scheme seeks to grow the availability of music therapy around the UK and ensures that students trained as music therapists by Nordoff Robbins get the best possible start in their careers. It also provides successful applicants with additional support in their first seven months in the job. We are now operating the third edition of this scheme, and the fourth edition will launch in September 2018.
  • The fact that Nordoff Robbins now employ all our post-GES music therapists on permanent contracts for at least three days per week.
  • The recent pay review, which has resulted in uplifted salaries for our more recently qualified music therapists
  • A more clearly articulated career structure
  • The provision of a package supporting colleagues’ professional development, including regular supervision and CPD opportunities

Simon said, "We are continuing to grow the availability of music therapy for those who need it, and as part of this we want our music therapists to have a career that is rewarding, satisfying and sustainable.

Our music therapists do work which is skilled, demanding and has great impact on people’s lives. We value them very highly!"

Panellists from the BAMT roundtable. Photo credit, Grace Watt, Development Director BAMT