Nicholas McCarthy becomes Nordoff Robbins ambassador

Nicholas McCarthy Nordoff Robbins Ambassador

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Tue, 27/9/2016

We are delighted to welcome British pianist Nicholas McCarthy as our newest Ambassador.

Nicholas was born in 1989 without his right hand and only began to play the piano at the late age of 14 after being inspired by a friend play Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata. Having once been told that he would never succeed as a concert pianist, Nicholas would not be discouraged and went on to study at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London. His graduation in July 2012 drew press headlines around the world, being the only one-handed pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music in its 130 year history.

Nicholas is a champion of the dynamic and brave world of left hand alone repertoire, a repertoire that first came into being in the early 19th Century and developed rapidly following the First World War as a result of the many injuries suffered on the Battlefield. Paul Wittgenstein was responsible for its 20th Century developments with his commissions with Ravel, Prokofiev and Benjamin Britten amongst others.

Following his amazing performance at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall Sunday Morning Piano Series on Sunday 25th September, Nicholas met Nordoff Robbins client, and piano enthusiast, Jayden - a 21 year old boy who has Autism and severe learning disabilities. Jayden and his family once travelled from Derby to London each week for Specialist Music Lessons which gave him the confidence to develop, learn and play.

"I'm delighted to have been appointed an ambassador of Nordoff Robbins. It is an honour to be involved with such a proactive charity that really understand the importance of music and its power to enrich and change lives. Nordoff Robbins' commitment to music therapy is impressive and inspiring. Being a concert pianist I've seen first-hand the power of music and how it affects people in such a positive way. Nordoff Robbins harnesses this to maximum effect and this makes me even more thrilled to be an ambassador for this amazing charity and its wonderful work."

Nicholas McCarthy

“We are thrilled to have Nicholas on board. He is a huge inspiration not only for us, but for many people. He truly understands the importance of our work and the power of music, and it is that understanding and belief in us that makes him a wonderful Ambassador for our charity. We consider ourselves very lucky to have his support.”

Julie Whelan, Nordoff Robbins CEO