On 21 May, we were delighted to host the third Nordoff Robbins roundtable, on music and dementia, in partnership with the Salford Institute for Dementia, for Dementia Action Week.

Sport requests a great deal of sacrifice from its participants. The eternal winter nights enduring hill sprints in tempestuous rain opposed to nights in with the family, the quinoa and lentils instead of quattro formaggi pizzas, the extra £50 for those boots with a jazzy ankle sock instead of heating and electricity. Yet when its rewards are as resplendent and prestigious as the Nordoff Robbins Cup, such sacrifices seem as trivial as Melania Trump’s, well, anything.

We’re delighted to share that last year we delivered 29,725 music therapy sessions to 7,916 beneficiaries – reaching more people in more places than ever before.

We have just published our new 2017 Annual Review, and you can read more about this and our other milestones inside, including the opening of our newly refurbished, world-leading music therapy centre in London, and our new centre in Newcastle.

At Nordoff Robbins, we believe in the life-changing power of music and music therapy, and its ability to reach even the most vulnerable and isolated people in our society. We are committed to championing the key issues around the social value of music, and the impact music therapy can have on mental health and wellbeing.

Following our roundtable on music and mental health, input from participants, and our own and independent research, we are delighted to share this policy position, which outlines our commitment to music and music therapy for mental health and wellbeing.

We were really excited recently when we found out that our world-leading Music Therapy Centre in London had been nominated for two of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors annual Awards!

The nominations were in the categories of Design Through Innovation and Community Benefit - so it was a big honour for us, and also of course, for our architects, Bradley Van Der Straeten to be recognised.


We are currently looking for an experienced Music Services Assistant who will play an important role in the charity’s Music Services operation team by delivering effective administration and staffing of our reception area.

Our Director of Music Services, Simon Procter, writes - for mental health awareness week 2018:

Life can be tough in many ways and all of us find our mental resilience being challenged at times. For some people this results in a psychiatric diagnosis, perhaps accompanied by admission to hospital, whilst for others it is a matter of finding ways to stay afloat as happily and healthily as possible without hospitalisation or medication.