The International Index of Music Therapy Organisations (IIMTO) is an online, open source mailing directory of music therapy organisations, such as associations and training institutions. Following the success of its first edition (2012), this second edition lists a total of 514 organisations from 59 countries across the world. Usage guidelines, as well as background and supplementary information (such as links to other indexes and directories), can be found in IIMTO. 

Nordoff Robbins Academic & Research Reviews summarise the charity’s academic and research activities.

Such activities are a core part of work at Nordoff Robbins. They are a primary means for understanding, improving and ensuring quality of the services offered by the charity.

Edited by Charlotte Cripps, Giorgos Tsiris  & Neta Spiro

Developed by the Nordoff Robbins research team, this resource provides a systematic overview of outcome measures in music therapy along with some of their key features.

Download your copy of the Outcome Measures in Music therapy

Two research governance committees monitor best ethical practice for Nordoff Robbins research and monitor research education (postgraduate research).

Nordoff Robbins Research Ethics Committee (NRREC)

NRREC ensures that projects are in line with current national professional standards; they monitor ethical standards and ensure that quality research is conducted. 

NRREC assess research studies that are:

Players' and audience members' overlapping understanding of a piano-cello chamber workshop performance

Research team: Michael Schober & Neta Spiro

Organisations involved: The New School for Social Research, New York; in association with Nordoff Robbins

Start date: May 2015


Research team: Mercédès Pavlicevic, Neta Spiro & Camilla Farrant

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins

Start date: February 2013

Nordoff robbins music therapy and improvisation

Research team: Neta Spiro & Michael Schober

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins; The New School for Social Research, New York

Start date: October 2012

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