Players' and audience members' overlapping understanding of a piano-cello chamber workshop performance

Research team: Michael Schober & Neta Spiro

Organisations involved: The New School for Social Research, New York; in association with Nordoff Robbins

Start date: May 2015


Research team: Mercédès Pavlicevic, Neta Spiro & Camilla Farrant

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins

Start date: February 2013

Nordoff robbins music therapy and improvisation

Research team: Neta Spiro & Michael Schober

Organisations involved: Nordoff Robbins; The New School for Social Research, New York

Start date: October 2012

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After 5 years as a Board member at Nordoff Robbins, working tirelessly to develop and finalise the Licences deeds for all Nordoff Robbins entities around the world, our ex-CEO Pauline Etkin has now moved to a role as Honorary President of NR International.

Nordoff Robbins International protects the intellectual property of Nordoff Robbins and safeguards the ethos and moral code of the work of Nordoff and Robbins. The key purpose of Nordoff Robbins International is to oversee and support worldwide:

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