Below are details of Nordoff Robbins Open Access Centres and Community Open Access Centres in England, with details of how to access services there.

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London and South East England

Nordoff Robbins London Centre, North London

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Unit, Croydon

Royal Albert Hall Music Therapy

“Music therapy brings people to life, just by picking up an instrument and joining together in music it helps to heal people, whatever pain or trauma or problem you have been through, it can help. You can be yourself, without judgement and that is what I love about it."

Every music therapy session at Nordoff Robbins is different because every person is different.

In 1959 American composer and pianist Paul Nordoff and special education teacher Clive Robbins developed a new form of collaborative music-making to engage vulnerable and isolated children, which they termed ‘therapy in music’.

The effects of the music therapy, which started initially in children’s homes, were felt early on; it helped the children develop concentration, self-control and increased social and self-awareness. The effects lasted way beyond just the sessions themselves, and demand for Nordoff and Robbins work increased.

At Nordoff Robbins we are committed to bringing music therapy to all those who need it. We support thousands of people each year, and demand for our service is growing.

In 2017 we reached more people in more places than ever before. Our trained music therapists were able to deliver 29,725 sessions to 7916 people, and worked with more partnership organisations than ever before.

Welcoming new applications for the MPhil/PhD programme 2018

phd Programme

The programme has two parallel tracks:

The Research team develops a range of research resources for use by practitioners, researchers, policy makers, advocacy groups, managers and fundraisers.

Some of the resources below are available to download here.

The research team regularly organise research events to stimulate discussion and promote awareness of research about music therapy and related fields.

Find out more about our recent research events by clicking on the links below.  

The varied specialisms of the research team are reflected by the range of research areas and methodological designs conducted by the team. Current and past projects are clustered into the three themes; 'Musical Interaction & Improvisation', 'Music Therapy Tools', 'Views, Overviews & Understanding'.

You can also find out about our Research Governance below.