Sing together from your own home

Our online choir is completely open access – welcoming anyone, regardless of experience or ability, to join and find support in music.

How to take part

Music has a power unlike anything else, and singing plays a key role in that. It’s an essential means of staying well, of promoting social bonds and strengthening communities. Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we can’t continue to sing together!

Details of how to get involved, along with resources for current members, are all provided below.

Full joining instructions will be sent via email so please register in advance. If you have a question please read our FAQs page as the answer may be already included there.

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All the details!

Singing Times:

The choir meets every Tuesday at 4pm

Joining Details

We ask you to share your name and email address – so that we can send you joining details each week. The choir uses Zoom – so you will need access to a computer or smartphone.

Additional Details:

The choir always welcomes new members from all backgrounds. – there’s no necessary prior experience required. If you would like to find out more get in touch with:

Your choir stories

Euan’s story

Euan is 28 years old and has autism. He lives at home with his parents, and all three of them have been joining in with the Nordoff Robbins inclusive online choir since it started in April 2020.

His dad Kevin said, “Euan hasn’t previously been a member of any choir, but the overall experience has really felt like being part of a big happy group. It has been a great opportunity and we look forwards to it continuing post-lockdown.

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Hannah and Ruthanne’s story

Hannah is 32, she was diagnosed with West Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder manifesting in sever, uncontrolled epilepsy and learning difficulties at an early age. She has loved singing her whole life and has sang in various community concerts. However, she has been in a residential hospital since February 2019 and has had very little opportunity to sing in a choir or with others and COVID has prevented Hannah from having any visitors for a year now. Hannah was really delighted when she was told she’d be joining the online choir and was even more excited when she discovered that Ruthanne (her sister), would be in the choir too. In their first choir event together Ruthanne could see Hannah, merrily singing away, and was admittedly very emotional because it allowed her see Hannah enjoying herself, feeling part of something and contributing. Singing together at the online choir also allowed Hannah and Ruthanne to share an experience they could talk about after the session.

Ruthanne and her sister Hannah are facing the camera smiling at a birthday party

Ruthanne and Hannah

Help support the choir

The Online Choir is free to join, however, we receive no government funding so we rely solely on donations from people like you. Any gift, however big or small, makes such an impact to our charity.